Fallen Areca Leaf

Step 1

Fallen Areca Palm Leaves

Areca palm trees grow in Southern part of India.  These areca trees bear nuts during the monsoon season (August to December).  The areca palm leaf is the protective sheath that covers the fruit in its development stage.  Once the fruit matures, the sheath gets dried and eventually the leaf falls (as shown in the picture).

Step 2

Gathering Fallen Leaves

A freshly fallen leaf is sturdy, smooth and very clean. 

All these fallen leaves are grouped together to be sent to our Arecaware manufacturing facility.

Gathering of Areca Leaves by Love Green
Areca Leaf Cleaning-High Pressure Water

Step 3

Cleaning the Areca Leaves

These dry leaf sheaths are sprayed with high pressure water and thoroughly cleaned using brushes to remove any residual dust and sand.  The water that is used to clean the leaves is reused for irrigation.  No chemicals or additives are used throughout the process of production.

Step 4

Turning leaves to beautiful dinnerware

After cleaning and drying, these palm sheaths are subjected to high pressure using machines to take attractive shapes and sizes.  Then, the arecaware is subjected to over 12 hours of heating to remove any bacteria and to make the arecaware sturdy.  The edges are then trimmed to avoid any sharp ends.

Manufacturing Areca Dinnerware by Love Green
UV Light for Areca Dinnerware by Love Green

Step 5

Ultra-violet Sterilization

After the grinding process, the arecaware is subjected to Ultra Violet rays.  These highly powerful rays will kill any residual bacteria or micro-organism.

Step 6

Packaging and Transport

Our Areca Dinnerware is first shrink-wrapped to sustain the temperature variations that the product undergoes during its lifetime. Then the arecaware is packaged as per customer requirements and then shipped to the destination.  We make sure that the packaging is rugged enough to sustain the bashing during the product’s inter-continental journey.


Shipping and Transport