Sravani Doddala from Love Green

Sravani Doddala

Founder and CEO

Coming from a traditional family background with a penchant for healthy lifestyle, Sravani, a software engineer by profession cultivated a passion for seeking remedies from nature for many day-to-day ailments. She is an ardent admirer and instructor of yoga. During her wedding events, she explored for the best possible disposable ware which is sustainable, hygienic, contemporary, sturdy and biodegradable but in vain . Looking at the market being flooded by Styrofoam products that are hazardous to both environment and human health (carcinogenic) , she was taken aback. But to her surprise, she found the most suitable alternative in her own backyard; Areca leaf sheaths.

Upon further exploration, she came to know that Areca leaf sheaths are already being used in some parts of rural India as disposable plates for serving various forms of food. Digging deeper she unearthed many important facts, which are beneficial for the health of mankind.

This revelation prompted her to extend the benefits of Areca Leaf sheaths in the form of high quality disposable ware.